I’ve spent hundreds of hours facilitating and I’d like to make it thousands. Having worked with a wide range of communities, you might find a workshop suitable for yours among these.

Playback Theatre Workshops

Playback Theatre is one of the many forms of applied theatre and my main tool. There are many ingredients for a Playback Theatre session: a conductor, music, actors… and real stories brought up from the audience. Those sessions typically are oriented to a specific social collective. We work and improvise from the stories, always treating them with respect and trying to honour the teller.

With over a decade of experience, I’ve worked with Playback Theatre. in several environments. Education, corporate, mental health and different types of communities.

I’ve facilitated both new and experienced Playback Theatre practitioners around the world. Spain, Portugal, England, Northern Ireland, Japan, United States, Hungary, and South Africa are some of the countries I’ve had the pleasure to facilitate in.

Improv Workshops

  • Improv Basics: Yes, and… what? (Novice)
  • Perspective and Magical Realism (Intermediate)
  • Introduction to Impro Match (Intermediate)
  • Long Form – The Bench format (Intermediate)
  • Empty Space, Immediate Theatre (Advanced)
  • Improvisación en Español (All levels)
  • Improvisació en Català (All levels)
  • Coaching (All levels)

Applied Theatre Workshops

The escalating global trends of social and economic challenges have spurred a corresponding growth in forming groups and applied theatre companies dedicated to community engagement. With these workshops, I aim to bring the social role of applied theatre, responding to the increasing need for positive community impact.

  • Collective Creation in Community Spaces
  • Theatre in Education

If you are interested in a quote or want more information, feel free to contact me.

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