In Someone Else’s Shoes.

An introduction to Playback Theatre and its translation to online media.

Learn actively about Playback Theatre and the social and individual benefits of sharing and improvising stories and elevate them into performance art.

Playback Theatre is a form of applied theatre used to bond communities by sharing stories and elevate them into performance art. During this course, you will learn what is Playback Theatre, how it can be useful for working with communities and, of course, how to perform it. You don’t need acting nor improv experience to attend.

The course is structured in four sessions.

Session 1

Theoretical background and first contact with playback theatre.

Session 2

Short and intermediate forms of reenactment.

Session 3

Long forms and using symbolism through the playback theatre treasures.

Session 4

Let’s do playback! Setting a playback theatre session and open rehearsal during the last hour with your guest audience.

Who can benefit from this workshop? Actors, improvisers, teachers, mental health and social workers… Those who want to put creativity to community building and/or raise awareness of social issues.