I’ve spent hundreds of hours facilitating and I’d like to make it thousands. Having worked with a wide range of communities, you might find a workshop suitable for yours among these.

Facilitating for postgraduate in theatre in education students – 2014

Theatre – Collective Creation for Social Change

Collective creation is a method designed to trace paths and structure to the construction of the theatrical discourse, finding new ways of approaching its creation from a more collective and inclusive participation

In this 8-week course, your community will create a relevant theatrical piece to raise awareness about a common situation. Learn improv techniques and drama games that will lead you into devising scenes and translating them into a script.

Duration 24 hours

Playback Theatre performance for night school students – 2017

In someone else’s shoes – Introduction to Playback Theatre

Learn actively about Playback Theatre and the social and individual benefits of sharing and improvising stories and elevating them into performance art.

Playback Theatre is a form of applied theatre used to bond communities by sharing stories and elevating them into performance art. During this course, you will learn how it can be useful for working with communities and, of course, how to perform it. You don’t need acting nor improv experience to attend.

Duration 12-15 hours

Improv Utopia Ireland – 2019

Improv Basics – Yes, and… what?

Do you want to boost your creativity and spontaneity while having fun in the process? In this introduction to improv, you will get to know this art form and develop soft skills through games and exercises based on getting hold of the moment and being aware of the physical space and your peers. Oh… and lots and lots of playing!

Duration 16 hours

Performance in Sagunt, Spain – 2019

Improv – Perspective and Magical Realism

Inspired by the use of symbolism in playback theatre, this workshop explores different ways of expressing ourselves within a scene, escaping the obvious. This is a safe space to ditch logic and explore where your body, voice, and imagination can lead you while working from real experiences and feelings within the group.

Duration 2-3 hours

Quart de Poblet Impro League – 2020

Introduction to Impro Match – Team up and show your skills

Impro Match is a form created in Canada, structured like a hockey game to lure sports fans into the theatre, and it’s heavily popular in France and Spain, adapted to a football match format. Don’t worry if you’re not a sports fan. It might be rules, fouls, teams, benches and coaching… but it comes down to improv.

This form pushes the improviser to be aware of the basics of improv and theatre while being 100% original.

Duration 3-4 hours

The Bench at Improv Fest Ireland – 2018

Long form improv – The bench

How many stories can fit in a single day in a single location? The Bench is a long improv format that allows the performers to explore unique characters and their interaction with others through all the different beats of the show.

From sunrise to sunset, in a condensed way, the audience will have front seat to this slice of life. It’s up to the performers to decide how dramatic or wacky it is.

Duration 3-4 hours

Theatre in Education – Bring the game to the class

Theatre can reveal itself as an educational tool of main importance for the social and personal development of the student, no matter their age or social background.

Creative action for educational purposes doesn’t mean neglecting the proper and conventional learning of the students. This workshop aims to combine the knowledge acquired in the classroom and used it creatively for a better understanding while having fun with theatre games.

Offered as an extracurricular activity for schools.

DBS check available

Communicate with confidence

Stages can be scary, I get that. There are ways, though, to learn how to present yourself in front of people and muffle your inner saboteur.

Learn some exercises to lose yourself and boost your confidence, creativity and patience.

Duration 3-4 hours

Quart de Poblet Impro League – 2017

Introducción a la improvisación… en Español (UK)

El español es el cuarto idioma del mundo y la improvisación es un idioma universal y… sin embargo, en ocasiones lo echas de menos? Desconecta del inglés y pasa un buen rato aprendiendo improvisación para desarrollar tus habilidades sociales y potenciar la creatividad y la espontaneidad a través del juego dramático.

Duration 2-3 hours

València Improv Playground – 2019

Introducció a la improvisació… en Català (UK)

Trobes a faltar parlar en català? Sigues de Catalunya, País Valencià o ses Illes Balears… vine a jugar i potenciar la teva creativitat i espontaneïtat en el procés (no pun intended). En aquesta introducció a la improvisació coneixeràs aquest art i desenvoluparàs les habilitats socials a través de jocs dramàtics en la teva llengua materna.

Duration 2-3 hours

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