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I met theatre when I was in college and I’ve been in love with it since then. Here’s a recap of some of my training credentials and trainers

  • Regulated Studies. Postgraduate in Theatre in Education. Applied Theatre Masters Degree (University of Valencia). The Annoyance Theatre intensive (Chicago)
  • Acting – Joan Comes , Cesca Salazar , Pep Sanchís , Eva Zapico, Paco Zarzoso (Spain), Paola Rizza (Italy), Josephine Lin (Taiwan)
  • Story Telling – Tania Muñoz (Spain), Marita Von Saltzen (Argentina)
  • Clown – Virginia Imaz, Antón Valen, Sergi Claramunt, Patricia Pardo (Spain), Leo Bassi (Italy), Alain Vigneau (France)
  • Jazz Dance – Toñi B. Forascepi (Spain), Michael Jeske (Germany)
  • Tap Dance – Frank Alonso (Spain)
  • Vocal technique and singing – Lola Bou, Jesús Muñoz, Gema García (Spain), Katarzyna Chmara (Poland)
  • Voice over – Francesc Fenollosa , Nina Romero, Rafa Ordoñez, Rosa López (Spain)
  • Improv – Veronic Joly (France) , Carles Montoliu, Carles Castillo (Spain), Nick Armstrong , Jaime Moyer, Mick Napier, Susan Messing (USA), Mark Rowland (Canada), Neil Curran (Irlanda), Katy Schutte (UK), Omar Galván, Feña Ortalli (Argentina), Gosia Różalska (Poland), Mia Møller (Denmark), Sacha Hoedemaker (Holland), Noha Mousbah (Sweden).
  • Phisical Theatre and Commedia Dellarte – Victoria Mínguez (Spain), Justin Durel (USA), Alenka Marini (Slovenia), Cédric Marschall (France)
  • Applied Theatre – Tomás Motos (Spain), Naohiro Takahashi, Aki Komori (Japan)
  • Sociodrama – Ana Fernández (Spain), Yasushi Sakurai (Japan)
  • Dramatherapy – Mizuho Kanazawa (USA)
  • Collective creation – Eva Zapico , Paco Zarzoso, El Pont Flotant (Spain)
  • Writing – Patricia Pardo , Xavier Puchades, Paco Zarzoso (Spain), Katy Schutte, Gemma Arrowsmith (UK)

Stage Acting

Here are the productions I’ve been acting, all in Spain either in Spanish or Catalan.

  • Vida i mort d’un hotel a les afores d’Alcobendes (2002) directed by Joan Comes
  • Criatures (2003) directed by Joan Comes
  • Inmobilaris (2004) directed by Cesca Salazar
  • In-comunicats (2005) directed by Joan Comes
  • Pagliacci (2006) directed by Alain Vigneau
  • Lectura Pànica (2006-2007) directed by Cesca Salazar
  • Cabaret (2006-2007) directed by Pedro Giménez
  • 2m2 (2007-2008) directed by Joan Comes
  • Schöl (El Mètode) (2008) directed by Regina Prades
  • Sentiments (2009-2010 ) directed by Pep Sanchis
  • L’Odissea (2010-2012) directed by Pep Sanchis
  • Oxígeno (2011) directed by Pep Sanchis
  • Amics de l’ànima (2012) directed by Edison Valls
  • Nit de Reis (2012) directed by Pep Sanchis
  • Llar, Dolça Llar (2015-2016) self-directed
  • Ya nadie se acuerda de Rebecca Black (2016) self-directed
  • El angel de la segunda oportunidad (2016) directed by Jorge Orden
  • Marlow (2016) directed by Eva Zapico
  • Nit de Reis (2017) directed by Paco Zarzoso
  • L’Últim Sopar (2018) directed by Paco Zarzoso


While my first contact with improv was in 2006, I didn’t enter fully until the last decade. I’ve been improvising short-form and long-form in many projects and troupes. In 2019 I co-founded Valencia Improv Playground a group to promote improv in English in Valencia to appeal ex-pats who wanted to see or practice improv in English. Currently, I improvise with the musical improv troupe Off Stave and Not GCSE Drama. Also performing regularly as a house them member at Hoopla Impro.  Here are some of my most representative projects.

  • Quart de Poblet Improv League (2015-2020)
  • El Banco (2018-2019)
  • Tiny Glass Person (BIG International Festival 2018)
  • The Bench, CIU Jam City (Improv Fest Ireland 2018)
  • Barrio (Festival Improvisació Vila d’Onda 2018)
  • Regular Heartbeat (Belfast Improv Comedy Festival, Improv Fest Ireland 2019)
  • Valencia Improv Playground (2019-2020)
  • Off Stave (2022- )
  • Not GCSE Drama (2022-)
  • Hoopla Impro House team member (2022-)

Playback Theatre

Currently secretary of the Interational Playback Theatre Network, I’ve been a Playback Theatre practitioner since 2013, having performed for different kinds of communities and audiences. From mainstream to focused sessions, as a performer of this technique, I’ve portrayed harsh and delicate real stories for social awareness and community building. I’ve been performing and facilitating in the following companies.

  • Teatro Playback Inestable (Valencia, 2013-2020)
  • True Heart Theatre (London, 2020-)
  • London Playback (London, 2021-)

Voice over

I have experience and 2 years training in voice over in AC Estudis in Valencia (Spain). Here are some of my works.

Voice over for FOOD HISTORY by PAPILA productions
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