“Barrio” (Neighbourhood) when an improv form takes over real life

Three years ago, I had the chance to play one of my favourite improv forms ever. “Barrio” (the Spanish word for the neighbourhood) was put together by David Fajardo, from the Valencian improv group SUBIT! and director and organizer of Valencia Improv Festival. It was a form bound to improvise…Continue reading“Barrio” (Neighbourhood) when an improv form takes over real life

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You and me (but mostly improv)

The improv community is amazing and filled with excellent improvisers. Sometimes there’s something that clicks between two of them. Whether it’s passion about a theme or a shared life experience, there’s something magic when two people decide to create an improv duo sho, what in the improv slang is known…Continue readingYou and me (but mostly improv)


Hello, London

The blaring sound of the train anticipates one of the multiple mini-earthquakes that shakes slightly the apartment where we live. It’s like that whenever a train passes by. “Better get used to it.” I said to myself knowing that we are going to be here for a long time. An…Continue readingHello, London

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Experience Sharing and Improv for Collective Creation

Collective creation has been, and is, a powerful tool for manifesting social concerns in troubled times. The main objective of its creation was to expose situations of injustice or social discomfort, as indicated by Augusto Boal in his writings about the theatre of the oppressed. However, in relatively wealthy countries…Continue readingExperience Sharing and Improv for Collective Creation