It is indeed a utopia

I have recently returned from teaching at two consecutive editions of Camp Improv Utopia Spain. I shared techniques and tools that we use in Playback Theatre to apply them in scene work. The kind words from the attendees who participated in my workshops filled me with confidence and silenced my inner critic. Becoming an Improv Utopia instructor, not just once…Continue readingIt is indeed a utopia

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Could we do Playback Theatre on VR?

We are almost reaching the mark of one year since the pandemic started and the performers had to find shelter into the digital world. One year ago people couldn’t think of a video conference as a viable option to keep growing. Now, it’s a fact. It’s here for the long run looking at how things are developing right now. So,…Continue readingCould we do Playback Theatre on VR?

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Look, Mum, no mother tongue!

The year 2020 will be remembered for the rise of the online improv scene. The now called zoomprov, because of the main platform chosen for this purpose (sorry Google, you released free Meet too late). It destroyed all territorial boundaries to bring people from all over the world to play together. Of course, everybody was doing it… in English. This…Continue readingLook, Mum, no mother tongue!

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Let me talk about Playback Theatre

If you have been digging in this site probably you’ve read that I’m a playback theatre practitioner. Today I feel the need to talk about it. Of course, no better way to talk about playback theatre that disclosing what is it and how this “playback” thing works. Follow me. The year is 1975, a very remarkable year in Spanish story…Continue readingLet me talk about Playback Theatre

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Experience Sharing and Improv for Collective Creation

Collective creation has been, and is, a powerful tool for manifesting social concerns in troubled times. The main objective of its creation was to expose situations of injustice or social discomfort, as indicated by Augusto Boal in his writings about the theatre of the oppressed. However, in relatively wealthy countries like ours, we come closer to use collective creation, as…Continue readingExperience Sharing and Improv for Collective Creation