2022 Recap (& IV)

With the last triad of months, I finish this recap of the year 2022. October The month started with a great Off Stave show at Hoopla’s pre-party before taking a few days off to go attend part of the Sitges International Film Festival. I love horror movies, and this is a festival I’ve been attending throughout the century. The pandemic…Continue reading2022 Recap (& IV)

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About teaching Playback Theatre online

We are way past the half of 2021. When the year began, I decided to start teaching my playback theatre introductory course online and it has been a very interesting ride. I taught this course before, in presential mode while life before lockdown, and it didn’t occur to me doing it online. The awkwardness of being dispersed through different homes…Continue readingAbout teaching Playback Theatre online

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I wish I could be one of those people who took the most of the pandemic lockdown and wrote a book or a play. Although it’s true that I’m writing more because of this situation, there are many factors that are affecting my creativity. Not that I’m claiming that I am a very creative person, I always struggle with that.…Continue readingCreativitired

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Could we do Playback Theatre on VR?

We are almost reaching the mark of one year since the pandemic started and the performers had to find shelter into the digital world. One year ago people couldn’t think of a video conference as a viable option to keep growing. Now, it’s a fact. It’s here for the long run looking at how things are developing right now. So,…Continue readingCould we do Playback Theatre on VR?

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Let me talk about Playback Theatre

If you have been digging in this site probably you’ve read that I’m a playback theatre practitioner. Today I feel the need to talk about it. Of course, no better way to talk about playback theatre that disclosing what is it and how this “playback” thing works. Follow me. The year is 1975, a very remarkable year in Spanish story…Continue readingLet me talk about Playback Theatre