In Someone Else’s Shoes.

Diving deeper into Playback Theatre forms.

Summer’s here and I get that everyone wants to be outside under the sun rather than in front of a computer screen. But if you happen to be at home and you don’t want your playback theatre skills to dry under the sun, I’ll provide a space for deepening different form each self-contained 90 minutes session. 🙂

If you have some basic experience with playback theatre, bring your ukelele, your flower shirt, your swimsuit, your piña colada! Join for a light and fresh deepening session of your favourite forms! Fluid, corridors, chorus, pairs, narrative V, story in parts… let’s watch (with sunglasses) and practice!

The chosen days are 7th (Mon), 10th (Thu), 16th (Wed), 17th (Thu), 24th (Thu), and 30th (Wed). All sessions 18-19:30 BST.