Honouring Stories Workshop


If you are checking this, you might be interested in taking this workshop. I get that you might have questions, don’t worry I’m here to help. So…

What is Playback Theatre?

Playback Theatre. (PT) is a form of community oriented improv established in United States, in 1975. This theatrical discipline revolves around listening to the stories willingly shared by the audience, and bring them to life by “playing them back” in a respectful and artistic manner, returning them to the teller.

The central drive of PT is rooted in its social purpose. It serve to spotlight issues that may impact either a community as a whole or an individual within it. It is used in educational settings, behind prison walls, among groups such as patients dealing with an illness or individuals affected by a natural disaster.

Furthermore, whenever there are stories, there’s a place for PT.

Who’s this Workshop for?

The social aspect of PT is well-suited for facilitatorsin applied theatre, mental health professionals, social workers, educators, and anyone engaged in community work.

Improvisers and other performers can enhance their abilities by delving into the depth and symbolism of PT, leveraging the tools it provides to create more substantial and meaningful work.

Do I need experience with PT or Improv?

Absolutely not, we are going to learn together about PT and build skills along the process.

Who’s teaching?

Ferran Luengo and Sze Kan Cheung

Ferran is an actor, improviser and applied theatre facilitator. Postgraduate on theatre in education and MA Applied Theatre by Valencia University. He is a leadership graduate from the Centre for Playback Theatre and the secretary of the International Playback Theatre Network. Member of London Playback and True Heart Theatre

As an improviser, he trained internationally, including The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago. He has facilitated in several countries and improvises with Acaprov, Not GCSE Drama and the Hoopla house team Shuffle.

Sze Kan is a registered psychodrama psychotherapist with the UKCP; theatre set and costume designer and applied theatre facilitator. She is a leadership graduate from the Centre for Playback Theatre. Over past 12 years in Hong Kong, she facilitated projects in colleges, Institutions, NGOs, Corporates, etc. 

She has become the co-director of True Heart Theatre. after relocating to the UK. She embrace multi-cultural and hopes to promote social change through playback theatre.

Is there any particular requirement?

We are going to work with each other stories, creating a safe space to share. If you come, feel free to share whatever you are comfortable sharing. We’ll make sure that every story is treated with respect. We are aiming for a space that holds dear diversity and inclusion.

Also, bring comfortable clothes. Physicality on PT is important but we’ll work within you comfort zone.

Where will it take place?

We’ll work in the Marie Lloyd room at The Rosemary Branch Theatre. This is upstairs, unfortunately it doesn’t hace accesibility options but we are willing to help with any access problems you might need help with.

And When?

Every Monday, during 8 weeks, starting the 15th of January 2024. From 7pm to 9:30pm

Will there be a showcase?

If that’s the group’s will, we’ll to talk with The Rosemary Branch to secure the theatre space for a showcase for friends and family. Of course any showcase participation will be optional.

How much is it?

It’s £225 for the whole course. You can pay £100 upon registration and the rest before the course starts. You’ll get payment instrucctions during the registration.

I really really want to take this workshop  but this is too much for me right now

We are open to concessions, let’s talk at luengo.ferran@gmail.com


Great! Go on then! 😊 Mind that the spots are limited!

You can register through the workshop’s form.

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