I saw him playing Odyssius in Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ and it was a mindblowing experience. He put all his feelings on the stage in a deeply touching way. He’s a natural and stage brings out the best of him.

Ana Bort. Valencia
Community Manager.

I’ve had the chance to work with Ferran in several corporate training projects always with optimal results. He has always been a highly committed and hard working professional. He has also proved to be a very dedicated team worker.

Javier González. Valencia
Psychologist. Applied Theatre facilitator.

I worked with him three years ago on a videoperfomance and I loved his work: fast, smart, insightful and with a great sense of humor. His ability to imagine scenes and improvise very diversified characters in a short time is remarkable. I definitely recommend him, a great professional.

Marta Negre. Castelló de la Plana
Designer. Visual Artist.

I might be short experienced, but I can say that he’s one of the best actors I’ve ever met. I saw him as a referee in the Quart de Poblet Improv League and he got hold of the whole theater. He’s able to connect with the audience in an incredible way, with an overwhelming charisma.

Iván Duro. Quart de Poblet
Student. Young improviser.

As a fellow performer and teacher of improv, I have had the pleasure of both watching and performing alongside Ferran. He is a passionate and innovative performer and a generous scene partner. I know I am in good hands doing a show with him. The best part is he always keeps us on our toes.

Maura Mannle. Los Angeles
Actress. Improviser.

Ferran demonstrates great leadership skills and abilities. He was extremely dedicated to our improv group and always interested in new ways of growing professionally and personally.

Emily Angelico. Chicago
Teacher. Improviser.

To speak of Ferran is to speak of a person who gives himself body and soul to the artistic projects in which he is involved. In addition, he possesses expressive and creative skills that make him a strong performer. As if that were not enough, he is a methodical trainer with a special interest in research.

Antonio Vicente. Lisbon
Actor. Playback Theatre facilitator.

From scripted theatre to improv in every gig, big or small, his commitment, generosity and attention to details are fascinating. His view on theatre as a transformative tool for the society we live in is encouraging. On this topic, his work on playback theatre is a beam of hope that speaks of the possibilities that theatre has beyond entertainment.

Mai Giménez. London
Researcher. Software Engineer.