All aboard on theatre in education

The 2022-2023 school year has come to an end. Last September, I started working for Freshwater Theatre and, since then, I’ve had the opportunity to visit dozens of schools delivering theatrical workshops and interactive storytelling sessions and shows. It’s been ten years since I decided to study a postgraduate degree in theatre education, without knowing what the future would hold.…Continue readingAll aboard on theatre in education

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About teaching Playback Theatre online

We are way past the half of 2021. When the year began, I decided to start teaching my playback theatre introductory course online and it has been a very interesting ride. I taught this course before, in presential mode while life before lockdown, and it didn’t occur to me doing it online. The awkwardness of being dispersed through different homes…Continue readingAbout teaching Playback Theatre online

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Experience Sharing and Improv for Collective Creation

Collective creation has been, and is, a powerful tool for manifesting social concerns in troubled times. The main objective of its creation was to expose situations of injustice or social discomfort, as indicated by Augusto Boal in his writings about the theatre of the oppressed. However, in relatively wealthy countries like ours, we come closer to use collective creation, as…Continue readingExperience Sharing and Improv for Collective Creation