All aboard on theatre in education

The 2022-2023 school year has come to an end. Last September, I started working for Freshwater Theatre and, since then, I’ve had the opportunity to visit dozens of schools delivering theatrical workshops and interactive storytelling sessions and shows. It’s been ten years since I decided to study a postgraduate degree in theatre education, without knowing what the future would hold.

It has been a peculiar year, with a lot of commuting in every direction of London and beyond. During this time working with the British education system, I gained a glimpse of how it operates. I have been in different types of schools, seen different types of teachers, and met well over a thousand kids. It was not always easy, and I had to deal with complicated and “lively” groups on particular occasions. Fortunately, most of the time, I left the school premises satisfied with the work done. Sometimes, there were even little fans cheering me over the fence.

Widening my applied theatre practice in a foreign country is challenging but I am quite happy with how things are turning out so far. I’m looking forward to discovering what the next school term brings.

I feel very grateful to Freshwater Theatre, for their trust, and to the postgraduate on theatre in education of Universitat de València for teaching me that theatre is way more than climbing onto a stage.

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