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Improv London Podcast

From a few years back up until now one of the ways I had to expand my knowledge about improv was to listen Improv London Podcast. It was thanks to that that I was able to get to know amazing improvisers and an improv scene that I wasn’t aware I might become a part of in the future. I met the person behind it, Stuart Moses, about two years ago when I was in London and decided to attend a drop-in at the former space The Nursery had near Tower Bridge. I got paired with him for an exercise and the first thing he did is thanking me for the support and shares on my social media. I was unaware that HE was @improvlondon at Twitter. I finally saw the face behind the voice! (or is it over the voice?) It turned out he is a lovely fellow and I even got to improvise with him a nice and grounded scene where we were stuck in a ski chairlift. Got to talk a little bit more in the afterwards visit to the pub, this lovely tradition being kept from us during the pandemic. Anyway, having met him I never listened to his podcast the same way again.

I’ve been in touch with Stuart during this pandemic sharing pandemic isolation headlines via WhatsApp mostly every night (an idea kicked off by Chris Mead) so we’ve been able to know each other quite well during this turmoil. Last week he asked me to be his guest on the podcast for talking about Playback Theatre and I couldn’t be more honored so… duh! The other day we recorded it and here it is…

Curiously, it is going to be the first episode I don’t listen to because… I don’t like to listen to myself! Specially mumbling and struggling to explain things in English. But I’m very grateful to Stuart for the invitation and the opportunity for being the content of episode 159. (Next pint is on me, Stuart!)

If you do listen this episode you should do two things. The first thing is subscribe to the podcast and listen the previous 158 episodes. You can do it on Soundcloud clicking on the link at the beginning of the post, in the Podcasts app of your iPhone or iPad, on Spotify or on many other podcast platforms. The second thing you might want do if you find this episode mildly interesting is book my introductory Playback Theatre course which you will find in the brand new Workshops section on this site. Don’t forget to check the post I wrote about Playback Theatre to dig into the reasons why you should do it. 🙂

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