Hello, London

The view from the window of our bedroom.

The blaring sound of the train anticipates one of the multiple mini-earthquakes that shakes slightly the apartment where we live. It’s like that whenever a train passes by. “Better get used to it.” I said to myself knowing that we are going to be here for a long time. An I already did. Besides rail tracks and the distant buildings, the view from the windows includes green in its palette thanks to the trees swaying across the street. Thankfully, Bran and Jon, are used to their new environment. They love the windows. It crushes me every time I think the travel they had to endure, stuck for two days in a van to get here and wondering why we left them there alone. Bran was upset and angry after the trip. Jon refused to pee during all journey and he let it all out once he got here while howling in relief. Of course, we were relieved as well. Finally, after months separated because of the pandemic, the whole family was reunited in their new home. Bran, Jon, Mai & Me. Our new life.

That brings me to this. Me, typing. Blogging again in 2020, and this time in English. Hence the title of this post. Hello, London. We’re here. I’m here. Clean slate. Turnabout moment. Being true to myself and what makes me happy. Pandemic’s not the most ideal setup for beginning a new life focused 100% on applied theatre and improv. Meanwhile, I’m going to use this as a platform for reflecting this situation and also to create content related to my experience as a performer and as a facilitator. I hope someone finds this mildly interesting.

So, where am I now? Let’s recap what I achieved during this pair of months since I’m here. I did a 6-week course of sketch writing with Gemma Arrowsmith, totally recommended. I did a 6-week course of teaching in improv with Katy Schutte and Chris Mead on the improv place, also very recommended. I’ve met Improv as Second Language which is a group of ex-pat improvisers AND lovely people based in London and now I’m lucky to be in the core group training weekly. I’ve met Agnes Law, director of True Heart Playback Theatre, we chatted about Playback Theatre and just recently she came back to me with the OK of the group to attend their next rehearsal, which makes me very happy and something to look forward eagerly. Following the Playback trail, I’m in the midst of organizing the next Iberian gathering with my colleagues of the Iberian School of Playback Theatre which is going to be in a month in Salamanca (Spain) with an on-line version as well. Fingers crossed.

On negative notes, I attended an audition for an online improv show and didn’t make it. But it’s OK. As the wise Valencian little girl said. “It’s OK, better this than dying.” I better build a thick skin for effed-up auditions.

Be safe everybody.



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